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The company was incorporated 7 years ago and consistently growing in the field due good relation, neat working style. Bilal Traders has established its name in the Middle East, Far East & CIS Market. Bilal Traders exports excellent quality fresh fruits at most competitive price and in the stipulated time have been its fort. Quality and consistency have been always a concern for Bilal Traders and we think that our customers are well aware of and value these efforts. Bilal Traders aims not to just supply fruits but also to establish long term business relationships, with clients that will add value to their core business. Bilal Traders team can promise more than just good delivery, expertise, enthusiasm, and personal attention to each and every client’s needs, provides us with reputation for real excellence. The main objective of the Company is to serve our customers at a level that meets or exceeds their expectations. We operate our business in a manner that our customers would like, based on their needs and desires with respect to providing SAFE products of premium quality in commercially adequate quantities.